Developmental Social Robotics (DevSoR)
Special Issue in the International Journal of Social Robotics (IJSR), Springer

This special issue is focused on development of socially intelligent robots. For this, we need to identify the basic cognitive and behavioral blocks, which could facilitate the robot to develop more complex socio-cognitive intelligence. Therefore, this first edition of the special issue on Developmental Social Robotics in the International Journal of Social Robotics (IJSR).

For robots to coexist with us in complete harmony, they should be able to explicitly reason about humans, their presence and social-cultural norms to develop socially expected and accepted behaviors. This also requires the robot to understand the awareness and capabilities of the human. To develop such capabilities and social intelligence, from psychology, child developmental and human behavioral research, we can identify some of the key ingredients, such as the ability to distinguish between self and others and then reasoning about affordance, perspective, spaces, effort, social signal, to evolve social intelligence through the process of social learning and language acquisition, to name a few. Researchers across the world are working to equip the robots with one or the other of these aspects from diverse perspectives and developing various interesting and innovative applications. This special issue is intended to reflect high­-quality research works and results in this direction of building blocks of development of Robot's Social Intelligence.


Scope and Call for Papers

We are inviting papers, focusing on at least one of the following three levels of robot's social intelligence: 

  • identify and address the basic aspects and building blocks of robot's social intelligent development
  • investigate on the challenges, which arise when such basic blocks should be functioning together  
  • demonstrate the needs, importance and applications of the above by incorporating them in the wider domain of Human Robot Interaction and Social Robotics, with the aim to elevate the navigation, manipulation, learning or interaction capabilities towards being the robot to be socially intelligent or towards socially intelligent robot aided education and therapy. 
The papers should be formatted according to IJSR Manuscript Preparation Guidelines:


The paper should be submitted through IJSR Editorial system (select submission type as "DevSoR"):



Topic of Interest

 We expect contributions in the following key topics of developmental social robotics (but not limiting):

  • Socially Intelligent Robots
  • Developmental Robotics
  • Perspective Taking
  • Affordance Analysis
  • Effort Analysis
  • Theory of Mind and Belief
  • Social Learning
  • Language Acquisition
  • Human Centered Reasoning
  • Visual-Spatial Reasoning
  • Social Signal Processing
  • Gaze, Pointing and Attention
  • Situation Assessment in Human Environment
  • Interaction Grounding
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Pro-social behaviors: proactivity, cooperation
  • Applications based on building blocks of social intelligence


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